Taking a vacation to regroup and unwind is important—but it doesn’t mean your skin care can take a break. Before you jet off on your getaway, visit the skin care experts at Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics to ensure your skin stays healthy and protected during your trip.

A different routine and new environmental aggressors can take a toll your skin’s health. With vacation usually comes an excess of drinking and sun exposure that can lead to dehydration and a plethora of skin complications. While reviewing your packing list, ensure some of these incredible products are included.

CyberDERM – The Sunscreen Company

The number one vacation skincare item to pack is sunscreen. More than eight in ten cases of skin cancer can be prevented through the use of a good SPF. No matter where you’ve planned to go or what the climate will be, the sun can always reach your skin and cause unnecessary damage. Bodies of water (like oceans or pools) can especially increase your sun exposure, as they reflect 100 percent of the UV rays that come into contact with them. Snow is not much better, reflecting 85 percent of rays. Even the reflection off your smartphone increases your UV exposure (by up to 35 percent). To shield your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, we recommend the scientifically advanced sun protection formulas from CyberDERM. Backed by the credibility of medical professionals, CyberDERM’s products are proven to protect the skin while also providing comfortable hydration that lasts.

One of our favourite formulations is the Every Morning Sun Whip, a moisturizing facial sunscreen with a soft matte finish that leaves you fresh but never shiny. Not only does this unique zinc oxide formula provide dependable protection against the sun’s harsh rays it also soothes and calms skin, making it perfect for those with uber sensitive and acne-prone skin. In case you’re venturing out into a colder climate you may need something more moisturizing, like Simply Zinc Sun Whip SPF 30. Formulated with a rich and hydrating olive oil base, this certified organic Zinc Oxide facial sunscreen provides intense moisture without ever looking greasy. The olive oil base also provides both antioxidants and tetrapeptides to the recipe, making it perfect for those with aging skins.

Jane Iredale – The Skincare Makeup

If you’re planning to wear makeup during your travels, why not pack products that will actually benefit your skin? With advanced skin-nourishing formulas, Jane Iredale cosmetics can make your skin glow from the inside out. One of Jane’s best selling formulas is the Amazing Base Loose Mineral Foundation. With a comfortable, skin-like finish and sheer-to-medium coverage, this weightless foundation is packed with skin-benefitting minerals that can can easily conceal redness, fine lines and pores while creating a soft focus effect. This all-in-one product also offers UVA and UVB protection, as it has an SPF of 20. Applying a foundation with sunscreen on top of another sunscreen may seem excessive, however according to the Skin Cancer Foundation this is the best way to get full sun protection. Foundation tends to be applied with a heavier hand than sunscreen or moisturizer is, ensuring 100 percent of your face is covered and protected. Visit us in store to shop the full Jane Iredale range and find your perfect foundation match with the help of our expert staff.

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