Wrinkles and fine lines aren’t the only things Botox can treat. Enlighten Laser Calgary Botox treatments manage a wide range of client concerns.

Treating Skin Concerns with Calgary Botox

From Crow’s Feet to frown lines, Botox provides almost immediate and precise wrinkle reduction. Unlike fillers, Botox blocks nerve impulses that cause the face to contract and wrinkle over time. We love using Botox for preventive measures as once a line exists without any facial movement, Botox will not be as effective as filler. A cosmetic Botox injection takes between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the treatment area and requires no downtime. It takes two to four days for Botox to attach to the neverending and for results to become visible. Although dependent on the person, the effects of Botox typically last between three and four months.


Treating Migraines with Calgary Botox

Botox injections can help reduce symptoms of chronic migraines such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to lights, sounds, and smells. Typically doctors recommend that those with chronic headaches receive Botox treatments once every three months to ward off symptoms. Always consult your family doctor to see if Botox treatment for migraines is right for you before booking your treatment at Enlighten Laser.


Treating Hyperhidrosis with Calgary Botox

Has sweating excessively always been a concern of yours? Botox injections into the underarms can help reduce excessive sweating in as little as one treatment. Although underarms are the most common area for treatment, Botox can treat excessive sweating wherever it occurs, including palms, soles, scalp and forehead, and groin. The effectiveness of the procedure begins after just a few days and lasts between six and 12 months.

To book your Botox treatment with our in-house doctor, contact Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinic Airdrie.