Although Body Slimming is quite popular in the summer months, it is also an amazing procedure all year round!

When the warmer months come around, we often regret that we hadn’t gotten our bodies in shape for the beach and cute summer outfits. Those that may have been regretful of this, may think about non-invasive body slimming as a way to get their bodies looking right and tight! 

Ultrasonic Technology (UT) Body Slimming is a very popular procedure before and during the summer months, but we often suggest to our clients that it is great to have body slimming done all year round. 


Simply because, whether you are preparing for a vacation in the wintertime to a tropical destination or getting your body prepared for the warmer months, you can benefit from this amazing service all year round.

What is Body Slimming?

At Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics, our body slimming treatments use the advanced power Ultrasonic Technology (UT). UT works to eliminate fat by precisely targeting and heating fat cells to a therapeutic temperature, which allows the excess fluid and toxins to be released. Once these fluids and toxins escape the cell, they naturally flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system.

Body slimming is used anywhere pockets of stubborn fat can be found, such as the stomach, waist, around the thighs, the upper arms and even around the face and neck. Treatments are comfortable, safe and incredibly impactful for losing those last few stubborn pounds.

Not a Total Weight Loss Solution

Although body slimming does help to shed unwanted weight, a healthy diet and exercise routine must be kept up for treatments to be successful. Creating a healthier lifestyle starts with small changes, such as: planning your meals ahead of time; stocking your pantry with healthier snacks; or having a consultation with a dietician or nutritionist.

Regular exercise doesn’t necessarily need to mean grueling workouts at the gym. Going for evening walks or starting your morning with a yoga video are simple ways to make physical activity a habit. Think of UT body slimming treatments as the ultimate companion to your diet and exercise routine.

If You Are Planning A Beach Vacation…

As we mentioned before, many people want to have UT body slimming done in the summer months as they are going to be going to the beach more often and wearing summer clothing. But, there are a ton of reasons as to why you should consider body slimming in the winter months as well. 

Those that live in a colder climate, often visit tropical or hot destinations in the wintertime as a way to get away from freezing cold conditions. Having UT body slimming done before you go on a winter vacation is a great way to benefit from body slimming all year round. If you are vacationing to a warmer climate, more than likely you are going to be spending a ton of time on the beach. The best way to get your body beach-ready in a shorter period of time is UT body slimming!

Other than vacationing in the wintertime, another reason that individuals may want to have UT body slimming done in the winter is to get ready for holiday parties, outfits, family pictures and more. 

Treatment Times

Although you can see a difference in the look of your body after a few treatments, the best results come with a number of sessions done. If you want to maintain the look of UT Body Slimming, think about possibly getting a number of treatments prior to the summertime to achieve the best look possible.

At Enlighten Laser, we pride ourselves in offering the best in laser treatments as a way for people to look and feel their best.

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