After the hectic holiday season is over, much of us feel the same: bloated, overstuffed and ready to hibernate in a baggy sweater until May. Kick off your new year’s resolutions early with help from Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics.

Setting goals is important, but having a plan to achieve them is essential to turn them into reality. This is especially true when working towards certain body goals. Being able to realistically achieve these goals will require self-motivation and help from others to keep you on track (we all eventually need this). To aid you in your journey to these body goals, we’ve put together four ways to reach and maintain your target body in the new year.


1) Better Nutrition

This may seem obvious, and perhaps you’ve already started to incorporate healthy changes to your life, but it is important to know body development cannot begin unless unhealthy habits stop. Meaning, a healthy diet and regular exercise plan must be set in motion. Changing your eating habits is a difficult step, but once you do your life will continue to improve. Thankfully there are thousands of recipes and meal plan ideas online to help you along with your goals. However, if you need more one-on-one guidance we suggest seeing a dietician or nutritionist. They will be able to work with you to develop meal plans, and educate you more thoroughly on how our bodies react to different foods.


2) Consistent Exercise

In addition to a healthier diet, consistent exercise is key to reaching your body goals. Something as simple as going for a walk in the mornings or a stroll in the evenings will get your blood pumping and help to establish a habit of taking the time for exercise. However, to see big results and keep yourself motivated we suggest joining a sports team or sign up for exercise classes. Knowing that others are waiting for you to participate with them will build a sense of community that will be hard to stay away from. Another option is to hire a personal trainer. They take all the guesswork out of your workout, while also coaching and pushing you to challenge yourself. When both of these lifestyle changes combine, the difference in how you look and feel will be unbeatable.   


3) Body Slimming (Ultrasound Technology)

Although working out regularly and maintaining a healthy diet will yield results, they can often leave behind areas of fat that will not burn off. These stubborn fat pockets are most commonly found in the stomach area and thighs. Thankfully, there is a treatment that can safely and effectively remove fat from these areas without invasive surgery. Using Ultrasonic Technology (UT) the expert technicians at Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics can heat the fat cells to a therapeutic temperature, which will release fluid and toxins stores within the stubborn fat cells. These toxins and fluids are then flushed through the body’s lymphatic system, resulting in reduced fat cells within the treated area. The UT technology allows for extremely precise targeting of fat cells, leaving any surrounding bodily functions completely unaffected. In as little as one treatment, areas of fat that once seemed impossible to shed are safely and naturally removed. Although this treatment can work wonders, it is not meant to be used alone. When coupled with a healthy lifestyle, this body slimming treatment will yield the most natural looking results.


Ready to be more body confident than ever before? Book your free body slimming consultation today and start 2018 with a practical plan to reach your body goals.

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