Some days you won’t think being a mom is “the best job in the world,” and that’s okay. Being a mom is less like a job anyway it’s a lifelong career and lifestyle that is what you make it.

Pinterest can be misleading—it leads us to believe that moms (even those working full-time) should have it “together” all the time. The kids’ library should be alphabetized, lunches should be 100 percent organic every day and the weekends should consist of educational outings. Not to mention, when you are a parent of teenagers or young adults, the misconception is that good moms are “more like friends” with their kids (who never lie or talk back by the way).

Here’s the thing, if we were all a little more honest about how truly hard being a mom is, we would all be a lot better off. That’s not saying being a mom isn’t the best job in the world—we agree, it truly is—but just saying, it’s okay to be exhausted in need some time for yourself.

From the moment you find out your pregnant, your mom career has begun and although many say it ends when your kids leave for college, it absolutely doesn’t. From setting up the dorm room to talking through your nervous freshman through their first exam, the mom tasks never end.

The problem is, a lot of moms feel this sense of guilt when they stop their mom duties (even for just an hour. There’s always going to be another load of laundry or something for school that needs to be picked up—this Mother’s Day, grab a badass mom in your live and Enlighten your day.

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The Truth About Being a Mom | Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinic

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We hope you and an incredible mom in your life use this promotion as an excuse to plan a day together and take care for yourselves for a change. To redeem this Mother’s Day offer, click here.

Thank you moms!