Summer is so close we can practically taste it! Get prepped for the warmer weather with our favourite beauty treatments at Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics.

Laser Hair Removal

Save yourself some time (and money) this summer with laser tattoo removal sessions at Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics. Shaving, waxing or removing hair with chemical creams can be messy, ineffective and cause skin irritation or ingrown hairs. These means of hair removal also need to be constantly repeated in order to maintain results, costing you more than laser tattoo removal ever could.

With our advanced and patented laser hair removal technology, our expert technicians can permanently destroy hair follicles without harming the surrounding skin in fewer sessions than other leading technologies. Using a combination of electric Diode and bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) energies, our laser hair removal treatments are effective on every skin and hair colour. In as little as six treatments, staggered four weeks apart, you can be beach-ready all year round. To learn more about our laser hair removal treatments, click here.   

Body Slimming (Ultrasound Cavitation)

You’ve been stepping up your fitness game this Spring and feeling better because if it. You should be proud to show off what you’ve worked hard for. However, if you’ve still got stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t shed, body slimming treatments at Enlighten Laser can help. Using Ultrasound Cavitation treatments, we are able to safely dissolve stubborn pockets of fat and allow you to reach your ultimate summer body goals faster.

With ultrasonic technology (UT), Ultrasound Cavitation treatments non-invasively heat the fat cells to a therapeutic temperature, releasing all the fluid and toxins stored within them. The stubborn fat is then naturally removed through the body’s lymphatic system. The target area is left with safe and permanent fat loss, without affecting any surrounding bodily functions.

Virtually no downtime, comfortable treatments, visible results in as little as one treatmentsign us up!


Sun damage is the leading cause of skin discolouration. Heading into the hot months, sun protection is essential for reducing any new sun spots or discolouration. But what about past sun marks? Photorejuvenation treatments at Enlighten laser can effectively (and non-invasively) diminish a variety of skin imperfections: rosacea, age spots and sun spots, birthmarks, and acne scars.

Also known as IPL Photofacial, Photorejuvenation treatments use intense pulsed light (IPL) technology to treat multiple skin conditions in one single treatment. The IPL device consists of many different wavelengths of light, each of which is attracted to a different skin condition. One wavelength absorbs red discolouration, one that removes brown discolouration and another that improves skin texture by stimulating natural collagen production. The skin is simultaneously rejuvenated, refined and ready to be properly protected against the sun’s UV rays.


For more information on any of our favourite summer beauty treatments, book your free skin care consultation at one of our nine locations across Canada.

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