Feeling like finding time for self-care around the holidays is nearly impossible? You’re not alone; 62 percent of people said their stress level becomes elevated during the holiday season. At Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics we want to give you a reason to slow down, take time for yourself and truly make this the happiest season of all.


Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Scheduling time for self-care is should never be looked at as a selfish act; it’s necessary for a healthy and balanced well-being. Regular relaxation is proven to have a number of positive effects on the body; such as a decrease in blood pressure. Reduced muscle tension, as well as a huge improvement in mood and concentration abilities. This is due in large part to the “feel good” hormones that are released while practicing self-care. Something as simple as a yoga class or a dinner with friends can trigger the production of serotonin and oxytocin, hormones that can lead to better moods, better sleep, and improved naturally-occurring pain-relief. These effects have powerful capabilities, able to fend off effects of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and chronic stress.


Family Time

However, even with all of this knowledge guilt can often hold us back from indulging in alone time. Women especially tend to brush off the idea of self-care, thinking that their needs come second to the demands of family and friends. Not only does this way of thinking harm your own well being, it can cause a strain on the relationships around you. In order to take care of everyone else, you need to take care of yourself first. Think of self-care like an airplane mask—you need yours before you help others. Taking much-needed time for yourself and your mental health will help improve your energy, concentration and ability to help others. Once you rejoin your family, you will feel refreshed and more focused, allowing you to take on any hiccups that will inevitably come your way (especially around the holidays).   


However, you choose to spend this time is completely up to you. There are many budget friendly options available, such as going for a walk, meditating, or drawing a bubble bath. However, during the hustle of the busy holiday season, practicing self-care within your own home may be challenging. Leaving the house and investing in your self-care is a perfect way to find peace this time of year. At Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics we strive to be an oasis away from the chaos, providing our clients with amazing services and products to better themselves inside and out. Go ahead and treat yourself to relaxing time alone this holiday season. You and everyone around you will be grateful you did.


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