As weather begins to change and the days get darker, often times we tend to hibernate and lose our sense of energy (which often turns to neglecting our health and spending too much time watching Netflix). At Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics, we believe in enlighten your life daily and helping you feel confident—here are four ways to accomplish just that this fall.

Add Supplements into your diet.

With the darker months upon us, we tend to spend more hours of the day inside. Consequently, your body lacks the vitamins (such as vitamin D from the sun) that you usually get in the summer months. The Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements are the best way to boost your hair, nail and skin health. The supplements can easily be digested before any meal and are clinically proven. For best results combine the Advanced Nutrition Programme multi-vitamins in conjunction with the range of skin vitamins. Let our skin care experts help determine the best supplements for your overall health this fall.


Invest in yourself, it’s the perfect time for laser hair removal.


The fall is actually the best time of the year to be thinking about your bikini lines. With the colder weather, we tend to bundle up and have limited direct sun exposure. When doing your six to eight sessions of Elos Plus laser hair removal at Enlighten Laser, it is highly recommended that you do not expose the treated area to sunlight. The skin will be more sensitive for approximately one week after your session. It is also the best time of the year to invest in permanently smooth skin because the process takes a few months, so you will be set before your next beach day.

Protect your skin outside.


Yes, we are bundled in blanket scarves but the sun can still extremely harmful to our skin if we don’t take proper precaution. Sun exposure is the number one cause of premature aging. Protect your skin this fall by adding CyberDerm sunscreen by The Sunscreen Company into your morning skin routine. With various SPF options, the CyberDerm sunscreen is light and allows for smooth makeup application. Your habits now, determine your wrinkles later. Ask our skin care experts about our sunscreen options during your next appointment.  


Add #SelfCareSunday to your agenda.

It may seem like a social media fad or unnecessary to write on your busy to-do list, but adding this simple reminder to your week can help you take some much needed time for yourself. Every Sunday, do something relaxing. This could be anything from taking an extra long path to doing some journaling. Studies have found including self care into your weekly routine helps reduce risk of an “overloading burnout” at work, decreases the negative impact of stress and helps you refocus providing better productivity. Switch up how you make time for yourself each Sunday. Even if you only have 20 minutes, the benefits of self care can change your entire week.


This fall, we challenge you to show us how you #EnlightenYourDay through our social platforms. Whether it be a treatment at one of our nine clinics or a Sunday of reading in your best sweats, we want to see how you are incorporating self care to your day.

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