With the leaves changing colour and the kids back in school, fall is the perfect time to set new goals and try something new. Whether it be joining a new fitness class, applying for a new job opportunity, or starting  Sublime skin tightening treatments at Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics, taking time to do something for yourself this fall is necessary to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

If you’re looking to have a more contoured complexion, you are not alone. According to Syneron Candela, over 30 million women are concerned about double chin, a sagging jawline and/or turkey neck. Sublime skin tightening is one of few treatments able to tighten excess skin non-invasively. With no downtime, and little to no discomfort, Syneron Candela’s Sublime skin tightening treatments offer natural-looking results efficiently and more importantly, safely.

Sublime skin tightening is a wonderfully effective treatment for those looking to correct the look of sagging skin to have a tighter, smoother, more contoured neck and face. Over time, skin naturally loses its elasticity and collagen production begins to decrease. This results in droopy eyelids, jowls, folds, and deep set wrinkles. Sublime works to restore and boost the production of collagen in skin from the inside out. Through the use of the revolutionary Elos Plus multi-application system, Syneron Candela’s Sublime treatments combine the energies of both bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) and deep infrared heat to penetrate through to the deep dermal layers of skin, to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin. When skin comes into contact with heat, the cells immediately begin working overtime in an effort to heal the “wounded” tissue. By purposely applying heat deep within the dermis, skin is tricked into producing more collagen and causes a dramatic reduction in skin laxity resulting in the skin to appear tighter and smoother.

However, full Sublime skin tightening results do not appear instantly. Because the treatments works to reach tissue within the skin’s the deep dermal layers, it does take some time for that tissue to work its way to the surface. If you’re looking to have a more rejuvenated and contoured complexion in time for a special occasion (such as the upcoming holiday season), we recommend starting your Sublime treatments a few months in advance. Booking your Sublime treatment in the early fall, ensures enough time to complete all skin tightening sessions and allows the proper time for dead skin cells of the epidermis to shed revealing new, rejuvenated skin. All the extra collagen your skin is urged to produce will ensure naturally more firm and smooth skin just in time for the holiday season’s festivities.

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