It’s no secret that cigarettes are addictive, nor that they’re hard to quit. In fact, according to the CDC, nicotine, a drug found naturally in cigarettes, is the number one used addictive substance in North America. Some studies have even suggested it is as addictive as illegal substances, such as heroin or cocaine. Nearly 70 percent of smokers say they want to quit, but how can they do it effectively? There aids available on the market such as chewing gums and nicotine patches but there is another effective method you’ve probably never heard of.

At select Enlighten Laser locations, we offer smoking cessation help via Low Level Laser Therapy. As an affiliate of Fresh Start Laser Therapy Clinics. By applying the laser to specific acupuncture or energy points, such as the ears, nose, hands, and feet. We can boost the the body’s endorphin levels to naturally aid in your attempts at smoking cessation. The act of smoking a cigarette releases endorphins which is why when someone tries to quit. Then their levels of endorphins drop very quickly causing cravings. Although you can boost these levels through other activities such as working out, listening to your favourite music, or savouring some spicy food. Nothing can fully replace the endorphin high smoking can give. That is, until now.

Smoking Cessation vs Low Level Laser

The Low Level Laser is able to stimulate the body’s nerve endings. Which then automatically tell the brain to release a large amount of endorphins which calms the central nervous system. These endorphins are so strong they actually replace the body’s dependence on nicotine and help to relieve any cravings. As well as any added stress or anxiety quitting an addiction can bring. For those looking to quit “cold-turkey” smoking cessation treatments at Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics are an effective, natural way to aid in your quitting journey.

How safe is laser Smoking Cessation Therapy?

Our certified technicians use CSA approved laser equipment, with all the necessary proprietary protocols. During treatment, the laser is applied to acupuncture or energy points determined by your technician. Each client’s point will differ, depending on the specific problem being treated. As the procedure is non-invasive, there is no pain or discomfort associated. After just one treatment, the effects of the Low Level Laser can last from anywhere between 30 to 45 days. Treatment can specifically help those going through intense withdrawal symptoms, particularly in the first few days post-treatment.

How long is the Smoking Cessation treatment?

The results of its effectiveness are high compared to alternative, non-natural methods of smoking cessation. Low Level Laser Therapy treatment has a 73 percent success rate of helping clients successfully quit smoking. Treatments typically last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on how many points are to be treated (many patients require only one). In some cases a follow up appointment will be booked for about 90 days after the initial treatment, if second round is necessary; however for most clients one is all that is needed.

Looking for a natural remedy to aid in your attempt at smoking cessation?

Let Canada’s Skin Care Experts be your guide to a healthier, nicotine-free life. Click here to find your closest Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinic location. 


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