Does laser hair removal have different effects with different skin tones?

Laser hair removal has jumped leaps and bounds in terms of technological advances over the past 10 years. Fortunately, with systems like elos Plus, we are able to remove hair safely and effectively across all skin tones.

Previously, laser hair removal systems were not able to remove hair from individuals that had light skin and light hair or individuals with dark skin and dark hair. This was due to the laser not being able to differentiate the skin tone with the hair tone and getting the hair follicle. This used to come with a risk of “burning” or potentially having the laser hit the skin vs. the hair follicle. 

This is no longer the case…at all!

The Elos Plus uses optical (diode laser or pulsed light) radio frequency energies to deliver comfortable treatments. We are now able to use laser treatments that do not produce heat to remove hair and instead use photoacoustic technology when removing hair.

Different Skin Tones

Not one person’s skin tone is alike, but there are certain levels on skin lightness or darkness that can be categorized. This can be shown with the Fitzpatrick Scale. The Fitzpatrick Scale is numeric scale that is used to determine different skin types and tones. This scale was developed by Thomas Fitzpatrick as a way to determine or estimate the response that different skin tones would have when put under ultraviolet light. 

Experts use a scale, whether this or one similar to determine the skin tone, and the intensity of laser to be applied. This also helps to determine how many treatments one may need. Typically one starts to see results in about six treatments. 

With all different types of laser treatments, it is important that you seek a reputable laser clinic as they will have the best in laser technologies. 

Our Patented Laser Technology For All Skin Tones

Our advanced, patented laser technology combines bipolar radiofrequency with a diode laser. Doing so allows the laser to get deep into the layers of the skin, specifically the dermis, to heat hair follicles instantly without impacting the surrounding skin. This deep and targeted penetration allows for precise location of the root, in order to eradicate it and limit regrowth. Using optimal energy, the hair follicle is destroyed quickly, safely, and with little to no discomfort.

There is very limited risk or complications associated with our laser hair removal treatments. Like with any laser treatment, the treatment area will be sensitive for the days following your appointment and direct sun exposure should be avoided. For more aftercare information, book your free consultation today.

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At Enlighten, we use the Elos Plus system for laser hair removal, which is the best and most advanced laser technology on the Canadian market. When you come to Enlighten, our technicians are sure to guide you through the processes of laser hair removal and make sure that you session is done safely and efficiently. 

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