The winter can mean dull, flaking skin. Combat the dreary weather with Enlighten Laser’s top products.

It’s that time of year again—the colder months are taking their toll on your skin. To prevent changes in colour and texture, extra precaution is needed to ensure the skin is continually well nourished through the winter.

At Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics, we offer a variety of skincare makeup, skincare supplements and advanced topical products to help you put your best face forward this season, and every season for that matter.

Here are just some of our favourites:

Probiotics by Advanced Nutrition Programme

This probiotics formulation is a necessity for daily health, as well as skin health. While the digestive gut is responsible for taking in all our food and sending it to all parts of the body, we need to ensure that it is consistently taken care of. Doing so ensures that our skin (our largest organ, and only visible one) gets all the nutrients it needs at an optimal level at all times. Ensuring we are feeding our good with healthy bacteria, through probiotics, ensures optimal looking skin, hair, nails and overall well being.

Skincare Ultimate by Advanced Nutrition Programme

This box combines all the top five supplements used for healthy skin, hair and nails in a 28 day supply box. In addition it contains healthful ingredients, including vitamin A, antioxidants, co-enzyme Q10 and omega 3’s, to lighten and brighten the complexion (perfect for those dreary winter days). Usage has shown to improve skin tone, renew the skin, restore skin health, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as hydrate and plump the skin. It’s a must-have this season.

Instant Radiance EGF Serum by Institut DerMed Skin Care Products

This serum is a perfect one to combat anti-aging. Formulated with a patented PhytoCell formulation, it instantly helps to provide fresher, smoother, more hydrated skin. The skin texture improves drastically after even a single usage. Free of all parabens, dyes and synthetic fragrances, this product is safe and not harmful on even sensitive skin types.

Dream Tint® Tinted Moisturizer by Jane Iredale

During the winter season, we recommend our clients create a more dewy face routine. That means saying goodbye to your favourite powder foundation and hello to the beautiful Dream Tint® Tinted Moisturizer by Jane Iredale. While hydrating your skin this product also gives some much-needed colour to your complexion. Light weight, moisturising and providing SPF protection, this is the perfect way to show your skin extra love this winter.

To inquire about the best products for your skin this winter, book your free skincare consultation at any one of our nine Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinic locations across Canada.