With holiday parties, Christmas baking, and a busier schedule, it can be extremely difficult to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise. We understand the Christmas weight gain—stay on track with these five tips.

The average person gains anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you’re planning a winter vacay this is not ideal timing. At Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinics, we can help you stay motivated and on track (even during the sweater season).

Carry a water bottle.


Everywhere you go make it a goal to have a refillable water bottle with you. A lot of the times when we think we are hungry we are actually just thirsty. Instead of buying empty-calorie drinks, stick to calorie-free water. Along with helping reduce your appetite, water can help improve your complexion, energy and has plethora of other benefits.

Book your UltraShape appointments now.


If you are already on a body contouring schedule, be sure to book your sessions before the holiday craziness. Syneron Candela’s UltraShape body contouring is the perfect weight loss solution to combine with exercise. By using painless ultrasound energy to target fat cells, the UltraShape helps clients lose up to three inches in three sessions spaced two weeks apart. The treatment is noninvasive and 100% of user claim it to be a comfortable treatment.

Exercise in the morning.


As much as we aren’t morning people, this tip proves to work. Life get busy (and even busier during the holiday season) so by putting ourselves first before the day gets ahead of us, we are more likely to ensure we get our daily sweat in. Doing HITT workouts in the morning also induces EPOC the rest of the day which essentially speeds your metabolism. Exercise researchers have concluded exercise in the morning is far more effective so go ahead, set your alarm an extra hour in the morning. It will pay off.

Add VelaShape to your routine.


Exercise, UltraShape and VelaShape: talk about a perfect tiro (and in that order). Where UltraShape helps contour the body, the VelaShape III by Syneron Candela helps tighten. While it does still help reduce circumference, the VelaShape’s real speciality is targeting cellulite and improving overall texture of the skin. The treatments are noninvasive and require no downtime. Both VelaShape and UltraShape can be combined into one session to keep with your busy holiday schedule.

Everything in moderation.



s much as we wish the first four tips could mean we can eat everything we want this holiday season, they don’t. Nutrition is such a vital part of maintaining a healthy weight. Set realistic expectations for yourself—have the eggnog but just have one glass; if you don’t truly love the appetizer, save yourself for dessert. When you’re not at holiday parties, try to keep lean, clean and green with your choices.

To book your UltraShape or VelaShape appointment, find the closest Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinic near you.